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Our Story: An Australian First

The Crêpe Café is an Australian fast casual crêperie franchise. Launched in 2001 by French-Australian entrepreneurs, the pioneer restaurant was located in Surfers Paradise in Queensland, where it was embraced as a fun, fresh and unique way of dining. Starting as a small shop, it quickly progressed to kiosks in shopping malls throughout the country and has since evolved to full cafés where a great deal of focus is put on comfort, ambience and overall quality of the customer experience. The Crêpe Café provides a sophisticated quick service café concept, with its unique and signature product, the crêpe. In 2007, The Crêpe Café expanded into the Middle East as an elegant fast casual café and is continuing to grow today.

What is a Crepe?

A crêpe is a thin pancake made from wheat flour that can be served with sweet or savoury fillings. The word crepe comes from the Latin “crispus” meaning curly or wavy. Crêpes were traditionally served on Candlemass and Shrove Tuesday to celebrate renewal, family life and hopes for good fortune and happiness in the future.

Most countries have their own version of the crêpe, but it was in France’s Brittany region where the crepe was elevated to an art form thanks to a young man named Henri Charpentier who in 1895, went to Monaco to work for the Café de Paris with his uncle, the famous she Escoffier. One evening the Prince of Wales requested a crêpe for desert. Henri raced to the kitchen and prepared a crêpe with an orange sauce flambé. He nicknamed Suzette in honour of the beautiful young lady who accompanied the prince and the rest is history.

The Crêpe Café

Spanning two continents, The Crêpe Café is tailored to suit our customers’ needs based on culture and geographic preferences.
We focus on more familiar flavours based on each shop’s location, and our cafés have a strong following of people who enjoy everyday flavours with a twist.
Our eye catching colour scheme of yellow and black is recognized internationally as a place where delicious meals and visual enjoyment come together for a unique dining experience.

Freshness First

Our cafés are designed with your enjoyment at its centre. The unique cooking process of the crêpe, made in front of the customers, can be enjoyed as an entertaining 5 step process.
Watch your crêpe as it is poured, flipped and filled with our fresh ingredients, and enjoy the fun folding and savvy serving.
Filled with a variety of sweet and savoury ingredients from fresh vegetables, fruits to meat and dairy, we guarantee freshness from start to finish. Crêpes can be eaten hot or cold any time of the day, as a dine-in or take-out option.