The Crêpe Café use Abrisca coffee roasters Signature Premium Coffee Blend.
This is a premium espresso blend and Abrisca's signature coffee, winning the Championship Ribbon in 2003 along with the Gold Medal in the same year. In their first year of roasting they won a silver medal at the Sydney Fine Food Show the première event for the food industry in Australia. It is roasted to their own unique method, to bring out the full flavour of the 8 origin beans from around the world that make up this smooth and velvety coffee.

Abrisca's signature coffee blend has a perfectly balanced profile – mildly acidic, while also having excellent depth and body that leaves a pleasant ‘chocolaty’ after-taste that lingers in your mouth! Abrisca’s premium coffee is the perfect blend to make an outstanding short black with plenty of crema, or is ideal for all milk based coffees.
It was with this in mind that The Crêpe Café chose to use Abrisca Coffee to ensure customers received a robust great tasting coffee.

Cold Drinks

We also have a large selection of traditional milkshakes, thick-shakes packed full of ice cream, iced coffees & iced chocolates made with ice cream and fresh whipped cream, plus real fruit smoothies, such as our extremely popular Banana Smoothie, - all of which are perfect for those warm summer days, or for a quick and healthy pick-me-up.
The Crêpe Café also stocks a wide selection of refrigerated drinks such as soft drinks, bottled fruit juices, ice tea, energy drinks and spring water.